Deliver with Focus

Focus your efforts, deliver results.

An app – and an approach – to unlock success for you and your team.

Focus on what matters: impacts

See how your project is developing and track your success. Our impact maps shift your focus from product features to outcomes. So you can deliver continuous value.

Impact mapping
Everyone sings from the same sheet, in perfect harmony

Add your whole team to Focus. Here, everyone can see what they need to do. They can share ideas, comment on tasks and update their progress in real-time. UX, product, engineering, business stakeholders: everyone’s invited.

What to work on next
Detailed reports: a clear view of your project

See your project in high definition with Focus’s data visualisations and detailed progress reports. Spot any obstacles to your goals. And get all the intelligence you need to stop guessing and start planning for future success.

Kanban board
Discover a new style of working

More than an app, Focus is a new way to work.

It prioritises outcomes over features.

What you need over what you think you need.

Order over chaos.

And destinations over journeys.

Welcome to the Focus way.

It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s a joy to use

Your whole team will love Focus’s slick interface. Everyone can see what they need to do at a glance. And update their progress in an instant. It’s a PM tool designed to set you free, not clip your wings.


All the rich features you need to succeed

A shared space for real-time collaboration
Software that moves at the speed of your project
A new way to map your progress
Get a clear view of your product or project and focus on results
In-depth reporting
Detailed data for progress analysis and future planning
See what tasks are to-do-next, in progress and complete
Seamless integrations
Easily add Focus to your mix of collaboration tools

Ready to Focus your team’s work?

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Your other apps are invited too

Focus is designed to make life and work easier for you in every way. This means effortless integrations with the other apps you use. Think of Focus as part of your team of assets, all working alongside each other, seamlessly.

Integrations with Focus
And some more about that new way to work…

With Focus, you’re not just getting on board with a new app, but a whole new way to work. We developed this approach over years of enterprise experience and still apply it to every project we work on.

It’s based on a simple set of practices. We call them the Eight Rules of Focus.